All About September 2019 GVC

Hi Church - first things first:

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Great, now that’s out of the way, here’s the scoop on September 2019. Welcome back everyone to school, schedules, and September programming start-ups!

This month at GVC we’re gearing up for a great fall-winter season:

  • With an All-Church Prayer Gathering - TUESDAY, SEPT. 17TH. Don’t miss this kick-off prayer event which will have immense spiritual impact for the weeks and months ahead for our church family

  • With a new initiative for our Sunday a.m.s (which will never be the same again after this gets going!) We’re looking for stories of God-encounters from our church or meet-ups, or from your personal life. Have one? Or Two? We need you!

  • With each one of us learning and playing our role in receiving life-changing God-encounters. In our Sunday Morning messages this month we’ll be unpacking what our role is in the life-change God has for us. As we review these things together, perhaps for some putting traction to Christian living for the first time, It’ll change everything! Here, are the kinds of thoughts we’ll be covering. Check ‘em out.


  • Click around on our new church website and facebook pages - we’ve been maximizing them for people checking out our church for the first time, including a place on our site where people can ”register for a service” (Another new initiative we’ll be using with some special services we have planned). Any ideas, insight, comments on the website are welcome.

  • AND, we have a federal election coming up on Oct. 21st Let’s all do our part for what God wants to do politically in Canada. Please check out these resources of ways you can pray and get involved. Remember, “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men should do nothing”. So let’s all learn, pray, vote!

That’s about all for now. Mara and I love you all, are excited about the answers to prayer our church has been receiving over the summer. We feel ready to run into more of His Love and Grace this fall.

For a full review of all our programming head over to our events page here. There’s something there for everyone - let’s jump in!

Love you all,


Gateway Victory