Politics Matter, but What Difference Can I Make?

What difference can I make?

Our parent Church, Southside Victory, recently published a list of online resources aiming to inform us as followers of Christ as to what’s important politically in Canada. Thanks to SVC for compiling! I felt it was important and valuable to share with you all. Here’s the list below. Please so some reading, some signing up, maybe even giving towards these organizations.

Beware: You will shocked. Shocked as to the extent Godliness is under attack in Canada., AND shocked God’s more active Canada than you may have thought! Let’s be a part of that!



Hi Everyone! As you know, we are moving into a federal fall election. We are at a huge crossroads in our nation. The very foundations of Canada are being challenged at every turn with new legislation attempting to move us away from a God-based society to a global, atheistic culture. If we become informed, and move quickly, we can turn this shift around. We believe the following websites will alert you to important and upcoming events in our nation and province, and will give you direction on how you can take action. For His Kingdom in Canada!

1) Parents for Choice in Education (PCE) https://www.parentchoice.ca/join

Founder Donna Trimble and the PCE believes that parents know their children the best and should be free to choose the type of education that will benefit them the most. This may be the public education system in Alberta, or an alternative method such as faith-based schooling or homeschooling. PCE closely watches for harmful legislative changes political parties pursue regarding Alberta’s Education Act and informs parents of potential concerns. PCE also tracks election issues.

2) Justice Centre Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) - https://www.jccf.ca/

Founder John Carpay and the JCCF’s mission is to defend the constitutional freedoms of Canadians through litigation and education. JCCF lawyers appear before the nation’s courts and tribunals upholding  Canadians’ Charter rights and freedoms such as individual freedoms; freedom of religion and conscience; freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression (free speech); freedom of peaceful assembly; freedom of association; and equality before the law.

3) 4MY CANADA - http://4mycanada.ca/wp/get-involved/

4MY CANADA stands for Motivated Young People for a Strong Canada. It is not affiliated with any political party. They are a faith-based, nondenominational group willing to support Members of Parliament who are advancing biblical-based policies. They also work to educate the public on legislative issues, voting, engaging in democracy, and developing relationships with their MPs. They are currently working very hard to get pro-life MPs voted into Parliament.

4) National Leadership Briefing Canada (NLB) - https://nlbcanada.ca/

Founder Doug Sharpe and the NLB’s mission is to inform and mobilize citizens by raising their awareness of Canada’s most pressing ungodly government policy issues. As individuals become informed, it is hoped they will speak out in in their sphere of influence on behalf of responsible, righteous, and common sense values. NLB holds a monthly one-hour webinar subscribers can view at any time via their email. This is a very informative session that gives concrete examples of what Christians can do to influence legislation and public policy at every level of government.

5) CitizenGO Canada -  https://blog.citizengo.org/canada/who-we-are/

CitizenGO is a community of active citizens in Canada who, using online petitions and action alerts, defend and promote life, family, and freedom. By subscribing to this website, you will receive petitions and articles alerting you to moral and immoral stances/actions being taken in our nation. To subscribe go tohttps://www.citizengo.org/en-ca/contact and “join” them.

6) Family Watch International -  https://familywatch.org/join-us/#.XTDbDuhKiUk

Family Watch International was founded in the United States and is a non-profit international educational organization. It works to protect and promote the family as the fundamental unit of society by working to preserve and promote traditional marriage, safeguard parental rights, defend human life, uphold religious liberty, and protect the health and innocence of children.

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