On Showing Up to God

It's easy in life to hide.

Without God in life, we used to behind our pride, regret, busyness, entertainment choices, or just getting by. Then enters GOD! Seems to me, Christianity is the reality of God coming to look for us finding us, and bringing us to fullness of life!


It's easy to return to a comfortable hiding however. Old ways of not showing up sneak back if we let them, and that life isn't very full.

Or we can let God change our minds over time about who we are, and about our roles, our emotions; About those in our lives that need us present, and offering our best. How? We simply present ourselves, fully and habitually to God, and live our lives from that place.

Hide no longer, and live life more fully, with this: Start to daily present yourself before your father in Heaven. In your heart you can go before the Lord, state you're His, and be present with Him. Get quiet and try it right now.

Say, "Lord I present myself to you today, whatever you desire, my spirit, soul and body, I'm here for you". Wait there a bit and notice Him and how it feels.

This is a spiritual exercise taking only a minute or two but changing all your hours. Bring yourself, all the good / bad / ugly, before the Lord, and tell him you are His. That you are for whatever He desires, and you are ready for His will to be established in your life. Do it everyday and begin to increasingly live from that mindset.

In this way, we are brought out of a hiding we perhaps didn’t even know we were in. We grow increasingly in love with Him, and sensing His love for us. You will live better, and those around you will be better for it.


Post based on Romans 12:1-2 and the Sunday Message on Sept. 1st. Check it out the video on our Facebook Page here, www.facebook.com/gatewayvictory. Just scroll down to find the posted online

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