How Does God Change Your Mind?!

Note: this post is based on Romans 12:1-2. Grab your Bible, find the passage, and follow along. Click on the links too for additional references.

God really is intent on changing us. "Transforming" is actually His wording. He does so by inviting us to present ourselves to Him, to "come before Him with our lives", the good, the bad, and the ugly.

He then goes to work giving us new thinking, new perspective, new insights. Living from God's thinking on an issue rather than our own is the key to success and fruitful Christian living.

God thinks differently than we do - His thoughts are much higher! And yet, when we present ourselves to him, He gives us glimpses into His perspective on what's going on in our lives.

Here are some contrasts (between what’s often our thinking versus what’s always His thinking) to shine light on what God may be showing you. Remember, when He shows you something, take notes! And allow Him to move, to turn, your heart.

  1. Lies vs. Truth - turn from lies to truth. The enemy lies to us to keep us captive, God tells us truth to set us free

  2. Limitations vs. Possibility - turn from limits to possibilities. There's a pattern of the world that'll keep us small; there's a pattern of heaven that'll bring us to our potential

  3. Protecting self vs. Loving others - turn from being defensive to loving others. Unforgiveness and isolation are traps, love is liberty

  4. Pride vs. Humility - turn from our pride to humility. Pride serves to limit us to our ability, humility gives us access to God's

  5. 3ft level vs. 30k ft level - turn from shortsightedness to big picture. God brings us up and let's us see what's really going on. It's people that don't know God that don't know what makes them stumble

So, bring an area of your life before God and let Him change the way you think about it. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you see. Then sit quiet and speak with Him. Let Him show you, that you may know His perfect will. Have your pen ready.

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