Tuesday Night Prayer - Updates and Praises!

Note: This post was originally an email and went out to all at GVC who have attended prayer meetings before, and/or who we think may be interested in doing so. If you didn’t receive this email, but would like to be included for future prayer-related emails, please let me know. EMAIL ME HERE. Thank you!

Dear Prayer Team:

I'm so excited about how God has answered our church's prayers over the summer. Thanks for adding your faith with ours and being a part of it!

  • He has brought to our church people we need at this juncture

  • He has brought us people who need us too

  • This has totaled approx.16 visitors over the last number of weeks! Praise God!

  • He has provided finances so that we have kept our church budget the same over the summer

  • He has protected and guided our church family in all our holidaying and vacations, bringing us REST! And He's brought us back together again

  • He has given us wisdom and perspective for this next season

  • He is performing miracles!

  • He has started to produce new things in our hearts and minds - Remember: the "new thing" He wants to do in us starts with "new thoughts" inside of us. Rom. 12:2 - Transformation!

God is indeed faithful!

We have decided to meet this fall, on the first and third Sundays of every month. Our aim here is to strike a balance between frequency and participation in the prayer meetings. In switching from every Tuesday night to 2x's per month we hope to see more people out and our prayer capacity actually increasing.


  • Whenever there is a 5th Tuesday in a month, we will meet 1st, 3rd, AND on the 5th Tuesday in that month (like in October)

  • I have felt to change up where we meet for prayer, having different people host these meetings. We will try to meet in one home for all the prayer meetings in a given month, however there may be exceptions to this (like in October!)


  • Oct. 1st - @Kim's house (Parents are Ronda and Dwayne's). Address: 151 Woodstock Place, SW

  • Oct. 15th and 29th - @Dave and Anna's NEW HOUSE! Address: 162 Sundown Place, SE

Come expecting a time of worship followed briefly by some teaching / updating / praise reports, followed by fervent corporate prayer! This is a great place to learn prayer, to experience corporate prayer, and to add your voice to the mix. ALL WELCOME!

Please make plans to attend NEXT TUESDAY, October 1st, and let's start this fall strong in the power of HIs might!

Blessings on your week! See you soon,


Gateway Victory