Access to All God Has

I heard a preacher say one time that “honor gives access”.

How true this is with the God we serve. When we come before Him, with humility in our hearts, to honor Him, the result is that we have access to all He has. Imagine that!

  • This is as opposed to thinking we know it all ourselves. We see this in the Book of Proverbs in that we’re told that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”. And, again, here. EVERY problem we have comes down to not really knowing what God knows, and how to apply that knowledge to our lives! We need to humble ourselves and sincerely ask Him for wisdom, and then receive it and walk in it.

  • This is also as opposed to thinking we need to work harder for what we need. We see this in the story Jesus told of the Prodigal Son. The second son, the one working diligently in the fields, was relying on his own ability to secure the Father’s approval, and what He needed. And yet the Father drew him aside to speak to Him and say “didn’t you know that all I have is yours?!” When we contrast this with the first son we see that it was the humility of the first son that the second son needed in order to access that which was already his.

So, for you to receive access to all God has, humble yourself before God. Come before Him bodly, but come in order to receive the grace you need, not (only) to voice complaints, insecurities, or dilemmas. Just come. With a reverent respect and awe. Honor Him with a quiet and expectant heart. Wait there a bit.

He in turn will see to it that you have all that you need.

Gateway Victory