GVC Prayer for October 2019

Hey, so we’ve been praying a prayer together all of summer 2019 and into September - and GOD HAS BEEN ANSWERING! It’s so great to know we have the ear of Almighty God and nothing is impossible for us who believe!

October has begun a brand new season of church life, (can you feel it?) and hence we’ve embarked on praying a new prayer together. Find it below.

You’re welcome to join in with our praying as a church. Please!!! We have prayer gatherings this month on Oct. 15th and 29th, and we’d love for you to come. It’s a great place to learn the power of praying with other people, being a part of something bigger than you, and adding your voice to the mix when you’re ready.

Email hello@gatewayvictory.com for the address - For these dates in October it’s at Dave and Anna’s home in Sundance.

Here’s the prayer we’ll pray together at our prayer gatherings, or use it as a springboard for where God wants to take our praying. Please make it a part of your regular praying at home too. We need everyone’s faith on this one! Thanks. Here goes:

Dear Father:

We come before you to glorify you, and to thank you for your Goodness and greatness in our lives, and in our church. We establish the praises of God as the banner over our church - For you are good and your mercy endures forever!! We present our church to you, and side with you in all that you're doing in us and planning for us. We have confident expectation to see more of your Kingdom come, and your will being done, here in our church, and in our communities, as it is in Heaven.

Father, thank you for your provision for this vision. Thank you Lord that you have given us the power to obtain wealth that you may establish your covenant. Over the financial lives of our people, and our church body, we declare breakthroughs and miracles of provision, jobs, success, and increase. We summon angels right now to bring this provision to each of our people, and to our church, in Jesus Name.

In this season we thank you for continuing to send and connect the right people at the right time to our church. We pray that you would bring to us those we need, and those who need us. As they come we ask you for life-changing God-encounters for them - for miracles, awareness of your presence, for a revival spirit to manifest, and for salvations and Holy Spirit encounters!

God we ask you for wisdom as a church, in our leading and directing, in our involving others in the work of the ministry, and in pastoring and discipling those you bring us. Thank you that you give it us liberally and without finding fault.

In Jesus Name, we declare our church off-limits to all forms of attack of the enemy. We say that we do not lose anyone whom God has given us, and that every weapon the enemy has formed against us, we condemn in Jesus Name. We bring the work of Christ over our church, over our people, and cover ourselves with His blood.

Holy Spirit we ask you for boldness and for increased faith. We ask you for the wind of the Spirit for breakthroughs and for advancement in the things of God, and the purposes of God in every life. Come and create in us ,Holy Spirit, life-changing God-encounters, for your glory!

In Jesus Mighty Name - AMEN!

Gateway Victory