GVC Vision Talk - June/July 2019

We’ve been taking time in church lately to ask you all three things. God has said He wants to do new things in our midst and this is what I believe will get us ready for it. Our church is moving to a new level of being a place where people can experience God. And there are many more coming for it in the months ahead.

I believe this summer is an important time. Important in terms of setting our faith for what’s ahead, and allowing Him to implement and tweak some crucial habits in our church life. Please, as you’re able and feel led:

  • PRAYER - Prayer this prayer with us this summer. It’s church-wide prayer that will get the most traction with church-wide faith! Also please let me know if you can come to the second of two Summer Prayer Meetings - Aug. 13th at our place, 7pm. I want to encourage you to do what you can to come. I believe prayer is paramount at this juncture of our church. Can you join me?

  • PUNCTUALITY! It’s time for a bit of a culture shift in our church services, and this habit will set the tone in so many ways. It’s a keystone habit! Let's make sure we all do what we can to be on time for the start of the service on Sundays- 10:30am. Let's show Jesus (and visitors!) how we start a service strong! On-time, in place, ready to follow the band in worship. I'm excited about what this change is already doing to our church!

  • PROVISION - Thank you for making an effort to be consistent with giving over the summer. As in all things, a follower of Jesus asks if everyone gave to the church as I do, would the church be in good shape? Regular, percentage based giving to the general fund is the life-blood of the finances of the church - let’s do this well this summer!

Gateway Victory