When You Need to Know What to Do - Psalm 18

We know about God that "His way is perfect". This means that He always does the right thing, and He always has abundant strength and resources to accomplish it. Of course, right? He's God!

But where does that leave us?

Amazingly enough, God's promise to those who walk with Him in life is to "make our way perfect" too. Imagine that - always knowing what to do and having the strength and resources to do it! How do we get there?! How do we live like this?

Firstly, it starts with a realization that this is possible - that this is actually something God wants for us personally. Read Psalm 18, do you see this in there? See verse 30: "As for God, His way is perfect", then verse 32: "It is God who arms me with strength, and makes my way perfect". Sit a minute with this truth, and tell God that you receive it: that God wants you to so walk with Him that your way is perfect like His is.

Secondly, begin to ask God in every situation and circumstance of life two questions: What is really going on here God? and, What would you have me do? Keep a running track (read, Journal!) of what you sense Him saying to you regarding the main areas of your life. Thrillingly, if you repeat this and train your heart to listen, you'll begin to get answers to these questions straight from heaven. You'll increasingly know what God is up to and what to do about it. That's a perfect way to live!

Lastly, learn to lean on God's strength and resources to accomplish what He's asking you to do. God is not into us striving and stressing about getting results or struggling to change things too big for us. Remember - God is a God of REST, and all His ways are pleasantness and peace! Not that we won't have to fight, but the fight is the "fight of faith" not the "fight of our own strength"! This is Prov. 3:5-6, Eph. 6:10. God is intent on our trust of Him and our non-reliance on our human strength and understanding. Jesus lived like this, and we can too.

So let's learn to live this way - always doing the right thing and always having the strength and resources to do it. He "makes your way perfect" starting today. Let the adventure for you begin!

Gateway Victory