Heads Up for June 2019, and 2 Requests

Hello GVC - Here we are, almost 1/2 way thru the year!

With June comes the promise of long (and eventually dry!) summer days, school being out, and vacations and getaways. Not to mention, if your family is anything like ours, also packed into the schedule are numerous “winding down” events: Exams(!), extra curricular activities wrapping up, dance / sports teams coming to an end, recitals, etc.

In all the hustle and bustle, something we want to be sure to celebrate well this month is Fathers Day! Don’t miss our annual Fathers Day BBQ - held right after the service on the 16th. I’ll be speaking on the Father-Heart of God in the service, and there is sure to be a nice surprise for all the dads. Make plans to spend some time after the service for a BBQ celebration of all the Dads in our lives.

And think about inviting a dad or two that you know along. It would be a great service to introduce a friend or co-worker to our church with.

Speaking of inviting people to church: We are planning some exciting outreach / promotional initiatives for Gateway. It’s one of the “agendas” for this year and something we want to get really good at as a church. We will be giving you more details as we make decisions and budget for them, but I want to give you heads up and to ask you two specific requests:

  • Please pray for people to be attracted to our church. Two categories here: Those who can come alongside and help us; and those who need to experience God in a new way. Will you pray for this with us?

  • Please, as much as possible, prepare to be on time for our Sunday services. New people visiting church typically come early, or on time (for our service, usually between 10:15 and 10:30 a.m.) and we’re aiming to prepare a full, festive atmosphere to greet them well. In addition to our faithful teams that come EARLY to set things up (thank you!) we need you all there and ready to welcome them to do that! Can you help us?

I believe the months ahead and leading to the end of the year will make a tremendous difference in our church family. Let’s pray for it. Let’s organize our Sunday habits around it. Let’s be ready for what God wants to do and for how He wants to use us to be a gateway for more and more life-changing God-encounters.

See you around Gateway! Loads of love,


403.816.1684 - ph/txt anytime :-) or rowan@gatewayvictory.com

Things I’ve found to be of value and worth a click:

  1. PLEASE take a minute and sign this parliamentary e-petition introduced by MP Jim Eglinski calling for a respectful debate in the House of Commons on the topic of Abortion. Canada NEEDS to have this conversation, (read his stated reasons before you sign - they make so much sense!), and MP Eglinski needs to know he has our support Click here to sign e-petition now or read the full petition text.

  2. Has life been tricky for you lately? What do you do when life throws you difficulty? This article by Mark Hendrickson (you might remember his visit to our church a couple of years ago) struck a cord with Mara and I. Drink deeply from this truth https://marklhen.wordpress.com/2019/06/06/lemonade-and-beyond/

  3. I’m gaining SO MUCH VALUE praying this prayer every day. There’s about 10 of us doing it now - every day. Want to jump in?

  4. And, in honor of Fathers Day, here’s a version of this daily prayer specifically for us dads: https://www.ransomedheart.com/prayer/daily-prayer-head-household

Gateway Victory