All Things July 2019 at GVC

Hope you’re all enjoying the summer! Know that the prayer team here is praying the peace, rest and protection of God over you during these summer months.

In July we’ve been taking time in our services to ask you all three things for the sake of the vision of our church. Take a boo here and ask the Lord what steps you could take to help us do this TOGETHER! Thanks in advance :-)

Also, you’ll find a few links to items of interest (and action!) below. Feel free to email/txt me with any questions, ideas, comments, etc. you may have.

Remember, it’s the Woodcreek Community Center’s Annual Stampede Breakfast, THIS SATURDAY, July 13th! We are expecting upwards of 1000 people to come thru the line ups and 100+ kids in the Kid’s Corral, (the kids’ play area our church puts on for all the children). Come and help us out, wear a GVC shirt, and let’s BE THE CHURCH!

To be a part of this awesome outreach opportunity, please text or email Mara, asap: 403.988.8830

As we’ve been talking about in church lately, no matter what challenges may be in front of you, keep “strong, in the power of His might” this month. Encourage yourself in the Lord and let’s all live this month well!

See you all around!


403.816.1684 - ph/txt anytime, or email


Things I’ve found to be well worth a click:

  1. You’ve probably heard of the ground-breaking movie called Unplanned. Due to public pressure many theaters have moved from their original stance and have allowed the movie into Canada for a limited time despite it’s Pro-Life message. This is a victory for the church in Canada! Many are saying we are seeing the start / evidence of a movement in our nation for the cause of the unborn. Please do what you can to support this movie. Read about it and make your plans with this info:

  2. And here’s a group working to elect pro-life candidates all across Canada in the next federal election:

  3. Has life been difficult for you lately? What do you do when life throws you hardship? This article by Mark Hendrickson (you might remember his visit to our church a couple of years ago) struck a cord with Mara and I. Drink deeply from this truth

  4. I’m gaining SO MUCH VALUE praying this prayer every day. There’s about 10 of us doing it now - every day. Want to jump in? Txt me and I’ll keep you to it :-) 403.816.1684

Gateway Victory