As we prayed and sought God as a church this January, here are the themes that emerged...

    1. Break-through: This is to be a year in which God creates victories and successes for us as individuals and as a church. Even ones that have been difficult or elusive before. The sense here is there have been plans of the enemy holding us back, patterns of our own behavior that have hurt us and, of course, our plain old blind-spots - all these being supernaturally dealt with by the Spirit of God to enable massive change in our lives.

    2. Building on our foundation: This year is for standing tall and beginning to build on the foundation we've laid as a church. What came into focus during our praying together this month is that our love/trust for each other is our foundation (been working on it for 5 years in April!) and we can now begin to build on that foundation via increased definition of who we are, demonstration of what God's called us to do and declaration of how great He is among us.

    3. Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation: In this year God wants to give us fresh eyes / insight / revelation of His will in specific areas of our lives. He's gracing our paths with light so that we sense and know His Presence and direction in new ways. In a rushed, confused society clarity is a huge asset. We get to have that increased this year over us.

    4. Rest. This year is about learning more and more to experience the peace and quiet confidence that comes with knowing God is with us. This ties in with #1 in that it's God that's working for us - even fighting for us. We rest, He fights. We trust, He works. We believe, He performs His Word.

    Friends, it's great to be a part of a church in that when God speaks to the church, He's speaking to each one individually also. What we get as a church, you get as a person/family in it.

    These themes belong to you and your life and the way you get to live this year out.

    So ask: how would my life be different if these themes were fulfilled in me? Really, what would it be like? ...How would you be different? What would need to change for you?

    Let's have a great year of life-changing God-encounters together!

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    PS. Anything else you feel God is saying to us all for this season / year?

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