Your Year Ahead

    Dear Church:

    Last week we wrapped up three (and a bit!) weeks of praying and fasting. Many of us spent considerable time setting aside foods we liked or entertainment preferences all to refocus on God and what He's saying for this year. Our household found it grace-filled and powerful for life-change. We trust you did too!

    Throughout this process we prayed, listened to God and conversed with each other as a church around what God has in store for this year. Want to know the consensus?

    Here are the themes for the year we heard from God, for all of us at Gateway Victory: 

    1. God has plans for our increase! Not just numerically, although that's exciting and we can see it already, but also spiritually. When you imagine "numerical", think and pray around the lives and stories that could next be affected by our message.When you imagine "spiritual", think and pray around our capacity - our faith together as a group and what that could accomplish for God!

    2. New strength and boldness! ...along with healing for hurting and discouragement. Folks, the battle hasn't been easy for some, but this theme we sensed from God is highly encouraging - God is bringing strength and boldness (to our faith, our "ask" of Him), and supernatural healing for our hearts. You know what this looks like? A new joy for you and me, that's what!

    3. People. God began to reveal that in our "people" (that's you and me!) there are the gifts / talents / abilities that we need for what God wants to do. It's not a matter of looking elsewhere or going without. You is it! Also, He shared His heart with us that He's causing our relationships to be tighter still. Our love for each other is our backbone - always remember that! Ask: What can I "bring"? Who can I "love"

    4. Preparation. God has His finger on our preparation as a church. Preparedness for those things He's promised (above!). The sensing was that He wanted the foundation to be in prayer (making our prayers big enough for what He wants to do!) and in putting together now the structures that will facilitate what He's bringing us.

    Here's a resounding truth: as goes your church, so goes your life! It's true - to the degree you're hooked up with the vision of a place, your life is affected by it's direction. At GVC that's good news! In 2016:

    • You're about to increase!
    • God's offering you new strength and boldness!
    • What's ahead is a great adventure of using your gifts and growing in love!
    • On your task list is laying the groundwork for what's ahead!

    May your 2016 be saturated with these themes!

    Our praying and fasting as a church was a fabulous start to this new year and an enjoyable journey to take with you all - Thank you for participating!

    Let's live this together and let's live it well!

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