There are things in life that only you can do. That if you don't do them, they won't get done, but that if you do them well, you'll reap some incredible benefits. Consider with me the effect, and the role you play in the culture of the environments you're a part of - from family to work.

    Culture is a powerful force in any organization. You can have all the systems, people and vision in perfect place, but without a culture that fosters what you're trying to create, it's hard to go anywhere. You've probably seen how not having a conducive culture can be really frustrating to progress even in your own life, marriage, work environments.

    Culture dictates where you're going perhaps more than anything else. Agree?

    Well, congratulations! This makes you a leader! Everyone has a role to play in how they come across in life - how they help set culture. Let's get personal: It's funny to think about but your "life" has its own culture - YOU! You are your own brand, in a sense, defined by the way you speak, act, love, befriend, follow-thru, assist, be present, etc. 

    It's your leadership of this that has tremendous power to help lead a family, a business, further your destiny in God, or enhance a relationship. 

    The intention you put towards bettering your contribution to a culture / atmosphere or how you're coming across in any environment reaps incredible and almost instant results. 

    It's true. And fun to see! Imagine if today you were to:

    • Honor someone and find immediate, increased access to their heart.
    • Listen deeper to what's being said by a friend or family member and reap a greater right to influence.
    • Be more present to the person in front of you and experience the joy of greater connection.
    • Change your perspective / attitude / goals at work and see the ripple effect create a different momentum.
    • Make the one change your spouse wishes you'd make the most and revel in the excitement of providing that.
    • Determine now to set a completely different and positive atmosphere in your home this evening. What could happen?
    • Break out of your shell and offer to pray for someone and see the hope in their eyes. It's contagious!

    Imagine together the future of a church where the culture, is one of increasing love, honor and generosity: Towards each other, towards those closest to us, and towards those who don't know Jesus yet. That would change the world!

    Mara and I are so happy to be in a church like this with you!


    PS. Here's where to go next. It's all in what you allow yourself to think/believe
    PPS. Songs influence atmosphere greatly. Here's one for your week

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