You Stand on the Edge

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    Dear Gateway Victory:
    You stand on the edge.
    The edge of the future of your life - a precipice as it were of perhaps daunting, but yet guaranteed adventure and unending possibilities.
    The problem is you don't always see it. You just see more of the same. Same issues, same routines, same feelings, same everything. What has been will continue to be, you surmise, and proceed to step out to live another day.
    Wait. Hold that foot in the air for a second.
    What if it was precisely your same thinking that is about to create your same living? What if your expectation itself was the very ground you step out on? What if when your foot comes down, it could come down in a different reality because you expect different things, believe different things, think different ways?
    So put your foot down beside the other one again and take a second to think something different before you step...
    You are more than a conqueror in all things - including that problem you face
    Greater is He who is in than He than is the world - that means you always get to win eventually. Even in that area you've failed before.
    You can do all things thru Him who strengthens you - yup, even that new years resolution 
    He will command blessing to come upon you - you don't have to beg, borrow, compare, covet or wish! He is on your side financially!
    You have a destiny and a future - no matter how dead-end your job seems
    He will give you wisdom so you'll always know what to do - even about that relationship, your children, those difficult work dynamics
    You can win over every temptation and all the sin around you - yes, even that struggle / cycle / predicament you're affected by
    See? Thinking a bit differently yet? Can you feel a tinge of excitement for the future you're about to step into with God?!

    Friend, God is FOR you. He is saying yes to every dream and desire in your heart. It's time for you and I to agree with Him. It's time to believe. To see it. To say, "so be it", no matter the resistance or fear you might be feeling. Dare to believe that what He says is TRUE FOR YOU! Everything He ever promised anyone is yours because you're "in Him". Let's live it for real. I'm in, are you? Let's do it together.

    We stand on the edge. Let's go.
    Loving church because I love you,

    Want to discuss how this applies to your life? Email me  or Txt /Ph me 403.816.1684

    Sound Track for the Week: Man of Sorrows - Hillsongs, 2013, Glorious Ruins Album
    This song almost made me cry in my prayer time this last week ...sigh. I love Your victory Jesus!


    Road Map for the Week: alright, let's get this week rocking and rolling... These thoughts for each day are based on Rom. 12:2 - Read it and memorize it this week. Fun fun.

    Tuesday: How do you currently "conform" as spoken of in this passage? Hint, the areas in which we "conform to this world" always show dismay, defeat, decay and disorder, so we need look no further than those areas of our lives that are, well, in that state or going in that direction. What areas would those be for you? Also today, notice your thinking about those areas. It helps to record your thoughts, feelings, impressions during the day, on the spot. Ask Holy Spirit to help you notice. He's good at that.

    Wednesday: How would you say your thinking is erroneous regarding the areas outlined yesterday? To answer this, break your thoughts down into 'TRUE / NOT TRUE", or perhaps, "HELPFUL / NOT HELPFUL". Ask the Holy Spirit to help pinpoint what thoughts He'd like to see change. You and I, we live with so much, put up with so much and act as if that's ok. But actually, God wants to see TRANSFORMATION, not conform-ation in our lives

    Thursday: What would it look like if God was to create what He wanted in your life? This is where you can begin to dream. Like we said on Sunday, God wants to reveal to you the things He has prepared for you. But you have to stop and ask Him to paint that picture. ...what would it be like if that things changed for you? What would it be like for you if that relationship issue was resolved? What would it be like if all was restored? See it. Write about it. Dream out loud with someone.

    Friday: What promises in the Bible speak to what God is showing you from yesterday? Get some help if you need some, but find 2-5 verses in the Bible that speak directly to what you need to see changed in your life. These verses will become very precious to you, so write them or print them out and keep them with you. It really helps to change them to 1st person making it more personal.  You become "transformed" by the "renewing of your mind" using these verses. Meditate on them, speak them out prayer style or declaring them over your life. This is how it's done.

    If you need help with this - making it click, or stick email me or Txt /Ph me 403.816.1684 ... There ARE verses that apply specifically to areas you need to see transformation in. Dreaming them and speaking them IS the way to your freedom.

    Saturday: Think of some verses that someone else needs. Scriptures that have to do with healing perhaps, or a promise of salvation, help, or protection. Write them out prayer-style, and give them away. Place in envelope with gift card to favorite coffee or retail store. Give the Word. Have fun. It could be life-changing for someone else. It will be a God-encounter for you :-)

    Sunday - See you in church!


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