You Need this Power

    There's a phrase sticking out to me in Eph. 3:18. Paul's praying an ultra-personal prayer about understanding how much God loves us, and inserts this phrase:

    "...together with all the saints..."

    Mid-sentence, there it is, sticking out like a sore thumb (only it's scripture, so...).

    What does this mean? With all the saints - As in, "with all the believers"? Like, "together with the people I do church with?

    Absolutely! This phrase points to the power of "togetherness". It's a Biblical principle that while doing something alone you only have a certain amount of power; but together with group of believers you're unstoppable.

    It's true that there's a force in our lives that kicks in when we're part of a church family. To the degree that you're tied in relationally and spiritually to a church, the momentum, faith, direction, and breakthrough in your life will mirror that of that church. Fun thought, huh?!

    Perhaps verse 20 of Eph. 3, (the part about God doing exceedingly, abundantly above all we ask or think in our lives) is tied to the "together with all the saints" part in verse 18.

    Wow, look at that, it is tied together, check out verse 21!

    So, welcome to the adventure! Jump in. We're going for a ride!

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