You May Want to Change This

    Dear Gateway Victory Church

    God is a God who uses the situations and circumstances of our lives to bring about His will for us. This is an incredible thought because He is the most amazing Father and Provider and Friend there is.

    Rest assured: He is answering your prayers (even the silent ones of your heart) and He's using what's around you, what you're involved in, what you face, to do it.

    Yes, God is using the reality of your life right now to mold you into the person you are becoming - someone perfect for the ideal future He has for you. If you continue to trust Him, this is inevitable.

    But what about my mistakes? Good question - what about the things in our lives that are only there because of our errors? Friend, Jesus has set us free from being tied to those things! Sin no longer, in any form, has a hold on us.

    But what about other people's stuff? Also a good question - what about those things we face that are merely other people stalling, complaining, blaming or otherwise making our lives more miserable? Friend, Jesus makes our loving of the people around us the fertile soil of change in our own hearts. We can't control them, we sure can control that.

    But what about the enemy? Even the ways the enemy of your life deliberately sets you up for failure and loss, these God turns from the destruction they were intended for into glory for His cause in your life.

    The Bible says about us that:

    We walk forgiven.
    We walk in love.
    We walk as overcomers.

    So let's trust Him. Sometimes, of all the changes we desire, we just need to change that.

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    Soundtrack for the Week:

    This song has been in my spirit for days! Let's sing it together this week as we go about our daily lives. Depths - from the Hillsongs Album, No Other Name. Buy it.


    Coming Up:
    • Feb. 26 - Midweek Prayer - Finally back at Rowan and Mara's house! 328 - 86 Ave, SE Let's meet and pray and revel in all that He has for us! See you there! Open invite to join us - a great place to learn different prayer styles and add yours to the mix when you feel comfortable doing so
    • A BIG THANK YOU - to all of you who helped out, showed up and celebrated Mara at our last church-wide GVC Connect Event, Mara's 40th! It was wonderful and to be remembered. Thanks for being such a great church!

    Spend Some Time:

    Grab your Bible and pen. Find these truths and underline them. Speak them out. Thank God for them out loud. Make them part of your thoughts. Have fun!
    • Wednesday: You're completely forgiven. Rom. 8:1
    • Thursday: You have power over sin. Rom. 6:14
    • Friday: You're empowered to love like Jesus Loves. 1 John 3:23
    • Saturday: Loving others changes you. Prov. 27:17
    • Sunday: If a challenge is in your life that means you can beat it. 1 Cor. 10:13
    • Monday: You're powerful because of this. Rely on it. 1 John 4:4
    • Tuesday: Did Jesus pay this price so you could live like you are right now? Or is there something more you're reaching for?

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