Dear Church: 

    What a great Sunday we just had. So much of what we experienced in our worship, community and praying points towards who we are and where we're going in God.  Thanks for being on this journey with us!

    The Invitations of Jesus in the Gospel accounts have been our theme so far this month and will culminate in a presentation of the best invitation everon Easter Sunday: ‎The one where invites us further into a relationship with Him. 

    Let's invite people to hear and experience this for themselves this Easter Sunday. God's wanting to use us as catalysts for someone's life-changing God-encounter. Who are you bringing?  

    Another thought for your week: 

    Jesus said that when we approach Him, believing that He is God and has the answers to life's struggles, we will find refreshing for our souls and a fulfilling of the thirsts inside us. He went on to say that this happens by an ongoing experience with the Spirit of God. That is, the Holy Spirit literally comes to live inside of us and be for us all we need every moment of our lives enabling us to live it to the full. 

    Not only that, His purpose is for His Spirit to flow out of us. To those we live with, work with, walk past. ‎ The most obvious and defining characteristic of the believer is that there is something greater than her within her affecting the people around her. We are literally carriers of His Presence. You and I are to be noticed most for the flowing of the Spirit of God through our lives, satisfying the thirst of the people around us. 

    If I can live like that, sign me up! If we all get to experience this and be Jesus-with-skin-on for people around us, let's go all in. This is worth living for! 

    Friends, imagine as a church what it'll be like even further down this road we're on: Providing an increasingly powerful presentation of a fantastically present God. Demonstrating in the south gateway of this city the Presence of the One who is the compelling answer to every human thirst. And doing so with all the passion and backing of heaven! 

    Let's be that church. Speaking of which, see you around soon ;-)

    403.816.1684 - ph/txt anytime

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