You Can Do It!

    Here are three quick thoughts & actions that can make all the difference to your week.

    1. Prayer Power:
    How many times have you heard "All we can do now is pray" as a last resort? As believers with 24/7 direct access to God's ear, we get to have prayer as our FIRST resort! We firmly believe that our prayers are powerful and produce change in our lives and circles of influence.

    With that said, on the first Friday of each month, we host a "midnight prayer" session. 10pm to Midnight - We challenge you to come and declare His Goodness over your life and your church for the month ahead. @ Ayuk and Shirley's home, Millrise. We also have a Tuesday night prayer session from 7-8:30 at Tolu & Shade's home. Email us at for more information!

    2. Sunday Teams: 
    New to our church? Or want something new in church? There's nothing like taking a trial run with one of our GVC Teams to boost new friendships and a new zeal for God's work in your life. Not only that, but when we join a team, we get to play a part is someone else's life-changing God-encounter, and there's nothing like it!

    3. You Can Do It! ...
    "It" is the thing that God has put in your heart for this season ahead. The "one thing" that you dream of the most, or know you need to change the most.

    "It" is the step you deep down want to take, the thing you'd do if you knew you wouldn't fail. 

    And, the Word says "You can do it!" It says you can do ALL things thru Him who strengthens you. It says He has given you the victory in all things, and that you are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus! Deut. 30:14, Phil. 4:13, 1 Cor. 15:57, Rom. 8:31

    So, how about a new habit for a new month? Look at yourself in the mirror every morning and begin to say these things over yourself. Replace the fear, excuses, the complaining. Those words in italics above are from God Himself over you, and they carry the power to change your thinking and beliefs about you, and "it". Look them up, write them out, and place them where you'll be reminded to speak them. 

    As we venture into the last part of this year, let's be a family of believers that knows, and declares, "We can do it!"

    , have a wonderful week surrounded by His Spirit. Peace and grace be multiplied to you Gateway Victory! 

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