Wisdom for the Season

    Around a hearty breakfast buffet (we regularly meet on the last Saturday of each month for a great breakfast and some godly relationship building and conversation), the men of Gateway chimed in to share the wisdom they've gathered from the year past.

    Specifically the question being answered was: In the light of the year past, and the holidays fast approaching what wisdom do you have to share? Here were the responses around the table  

    Shane: Shop online! 

    Andrew: Ask for wisdom. ....don't be double minded when you ask. Receive in faith and your decisions will start to line up with His will. Use wisdom not just acquire it 

    Ade: Weigh things out accurately. Don't use two sets of scales, ie. judging one person with a different criteria than another (including yourself) 

    Andrew: Go with peace.... Be anxious for nothing. Don't push when the grace isnt there; Grace of God teaches us - no striving

    Rowan and Patrick: let God fight your battles - he does the fighting, and we walk in Victory 

    Shane: Ask for opportunity - for doors to be opened - not just for the actual thing / provision you need. God turns the taps on and off 

    Patrick: Develop an ear to hear from God - turn the radio off! Be purposefully quiet, keeping an open ear - continuously hearing; We can miss so much because of distractions 

    Tolu: Learn to be intentional ...if you're not intentional 9 times out of 10 nothing will get done; before you know it things won't get done and time will have passed. Be intentional - esp. with people

    Dave: Step back! There's so much pressure and urgency around getting back to people and messaging these days. Step back from the false sense of urgency! Don't take the pressure - draw lines. And btw - re holidays: Overwhelm and stress means you're not doing them right - tap into a better way! 

    What a breakfast conversation!  ...So, what would you add to each one? Where could you find scripture to support each nugget / suggestion? What other wisdom have you come across this year?

    AND...if you're male and hungry in the mornings, join us next time! hello@gatewayvictory.com for the next scheduled breakfast and location / time details.

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