Who Won?

    Hi Church:

    Trust your week is going AMAZING!

    Just want to touch base with you all mid-week to encourage your faith. Hit reply and let us know if you have any prayer requests, breakthrough reports or other q's. There's a church family standing with you!

    Church - Remember:  we are winners! The Bible says that we are "more than conquerors"! That means you get to win hero-style! Cloak yourself in Jesus and walk in to that tricky part of your life, those issues that surface, that relational struggle and take charge.

    Your victories in life are secured by what Jesus did. You and I, we merely enforce the victory that's been won for us. "Lock eyes with the One who has ransomed you" (Deeply moving song ...moving to faith and confidence in God. This is a song God wrote for you!)

    What a concept!  What arena of life are you struggling towards victory in these days? Friend, His love has won for you!!

    Peace of mind?

    Changes are yours if you'll take the Word and speak them in faith, trusting and believing that He loves you and delights in you that much.

    There are three days till we all meet again on Sunday. What could you be celebrating with us? What can we join our faith with yours for?

    Need help applying these ideas? Connect with us. Let's advance together. You can do it.

    Loving church because I love you! See you soon :-)

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    PS. Prayer tonight at Rowan and Mara's house, 7pm. Ph/txt for address/details. You're welcome to join us :-) 

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    And follow Jesus in life ;-) 

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