Where God Starts Working

    It seems to me God most often starts inside and works out. I think it's His primary method of operation when it comes to a person. Human nature, on the other hand, is quick to look outward and work in (...or even just stay on the surface).

    • When it comes to other people, to see things how God sees them, we can't judge people by externals / behavior. God's working on that person or that group in ways you can't see. What you're pointing at, He may not have spoken to them about yet, or may never. Pray and leave it alone. 
    • When it comes to our own life management, it's wise to be careful not to over-emphasize surface changes in life. Instead we get to look deeper for where that habit, wrong-thinking, mess, mistake, etc. originated. God wants to show us why it's there in the first place and then heal our hearts, show right thinking, deal with the roots, etc. Oh the goodness of God!
    • I figure, in all things lets ask God what He sees and what He wants before we assume. His ways are better! And He's seeing things, working on things and shifting things you and I can't. Ask - Trust - Wait. 
    Related verses to chew on: Prov. 3:5-6, Prov. 4:23, Luke 6:45, Mat. 7:1-3

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