God gives us a glimpse into the future. He shows us something that He has for us, then He waits for us to make a move. Which move? When? How???

    He leaves us to wrestle this out between us and Holy Spirit. He nudges us and gives confirmations but He doesn't let us know beyond a shadow of a doubt what to do. So we inquire routinely of the Lord, we solicit wisdom along the way and we learn to step out in faith. We establish mini-goals on the way to where He wants us to go. We sometimes trip, misstep, even fall and get back up and just keep going to what we think is the next milestone on the journey.

    Why doesn't God just write His specific will for us in the sky for us to read every morning?!?

    Because He's after our trust of Him and dialogue. Faith in His Goodness is what pleases Him more than precision in our steps. He desires our walking with Him. He loves us and wants us ever turning to Him, knowing Him in a moment, enjoying the journey and figuring out this thing called life while in His embrace.

    I figure that to Him where my foot steps next is not as important as where my heart goes next. It's up to us to "remain in Him", to stay trusting, to stay leaning on Him instead of on our own devices.

    The beauty of living like this is that He guarantees joy in the journey and a pretty fantastic end game. So my friends, we get to live perhaps not with certainty of direction but rather confidence in His companionship and supernatural grace in every season and every role we play. 

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