Pain-points are the real or perceived needs that we find ourselves thinking over and stressing about. It's the spot in "us" that hurts. Often the crux of other issues at hand.

    Pain-points are also where God targets us with His love.  Not that we're receptive all the time to this, but the things that hurt, that confuse us or cause us grief are where He most wants to visit with His kindness, wisdom and healing. Because of His great love towards us He aches to provide for us in those areas we need it most. That's our God!

    Two take-aways here. One introspective, the other looking outward:
    • Inward: It pays to be aware of what our pain-points would be on any given day for ourselves. This requires some intention, for our knee-jerk reaction to pain-points is to bury them with busyness / entertainment, blame someone else, or just plow through the day regardless. But what if Jesus is actually wanting us to stop and receive Him there? What would happen if we prayed the prayer to ask Him to come close to that pain-point and then waited a few moments for the answer?
    • Outward: It makes sense that everyone around us has pain-points too. That is, there are areas of their lives that hurt, need healing, cause stress, ...and are most receptive to God's intervention. Thing of it is, God has placed us in people's lives for that exact reason: to minister His love to people where they need it most. Therefore, when we see / hear / experience a need in someone we can look for a way to pray, show love or act on the basis that God wants to bring His Presence there. Example: Acts 3:1-11. People might not say, "hey, can you tell me about your God", but it doesn't take long for them to give you a clue as their current pain-point.

    Pain-points: We can learn to be aware of them in us and in those we're around day in day out. Jesus wants to visit there and that makes all the difference.


    On Tuesday, November 22, 2016, said:

    Great post! Today, (November 22nd) I'm facing the pain point of it would have been Mom & Dad's 75th wedding anniversary, I was always so proud of their marriage, so I'm grieving and missing my Dad tons! I know it's worst for my Mom, they had over 72 years of marriage, I only had over 48 years as his daughter.


    On Monday, November 21, 2016, said:

    Good one!


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