Dear Church:

    This Sunday we celebrate an all-important fact of history: That Jesus rose again from the grave! 

    What's more, He said the power He displayed in doing so, dwells inside us! Friends, this means that in the Invitations of Jesus we've been discussing as a churchTHERE'S MORE THAN WE'VE EXPERIENCED SO FAR! 

    This is true if we've been following God for a while or are just thinking about jumping in. It's true about:

    1. Your experience of Him - How you sense and are aware of His Presence - There's more to experience!
    2. The closeness of your walk with Him - How near you feel He is moment by moment in the challenges you face - There's more relationship!
    3. What He wants to do in and through your life - Your knowledge of His plans for you and the influence He wants you to have for Him - There's more destiny!

    Yup, it's a divine fact: There's a greater sense of His Presence for you, a greater camaraderie you can have with Him in the struggles of life, and each of us have merely scratched surface of the mission He has for us while on the earth.

    What our enemy does, then, is try to convince us that we've reached the ceiling.

    • LIE: That you can't experience the Presence of God like the next person. Or that you're just not that kind of person that can sense God
    • LIE: That you're relegated to a certain level of awareness of how involved He is with your life
    • LIE: That our mistakes, or our natural limitations of education or resources thwart us from greater influence for God.

    And the lies go on and on and become a part of our mental landscape dictating our decisions and actions. The lies build to ensure that we're locked into a boring, lonely, half-baked existence. And if the enemy has his way, a stagnant church. But the truth is: THERE'S MORE IN GOD FOR YOU!

    The Bible declares that the same power that raised Jesus out of the grave is alive in you and me. The very same power! This Easter week let that power break you loose from the lying limits that have defined your experience of  God, your walk with Him and the things He yet wants to do in your life! Imagine who you would be without those limits? What if you could live based on the truth of His offer for you, not from the basis of the lies that have caged you?

    Imagine how fun church could be if we all lived more and more like that?!

    That's His invitation you from this very moment on. Don't let anything stop you from living it. You do this by keeping your heart eager for more of Him, by asking Him for next steps in your walk with Him, and by hanging out with people who are doing the same. He is ALWAYS faithful to ABUNDANTLY satisfy the thirst of the human heart. What an invitation!

    With you in this journey,

    403.816.1684 - ph/txt anytime

    PS. Take a drink right now...

    PPS. This Easter Sunday who are you bringing to church? Take a few minutes right now and make it a point to each invite some people. Remember: All the people you've seen in church got there somehow. Be that somehow for someone this Easter! Let's see what God will do as we step out!  Tell them they can expect special music, family friendly, candy hunt for the kids, and a presentation of the Greatest Invitation of God EVER with refreshments to follow. 

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