In life we live by routines. We're creatures of habit, for sure. In fact, an aspect of summer that can drive parents and kids alike a tad bit crazy is the lack of routine! In seasons like that we actually look forward to the routines the next season can bring!

    What's actually in the routines however is a huge key to satisfaction and success in life. Too much and we end up a bit drained and frazzled (we've all been there!); too much "out" and we feel we're never home and family suffers; too much focus on "me" and we end up cheating the other people around us we're called to love.

    Another component to routine: The spiritual element. Friends, it's the seemingly small things in a routine that dictate happiness because the compounded effect over time is powerful and eclipses even heroic efforts non-routine focus can bring.

    Ask: Is God-time in your personal schedule? What about church? Is church family just a Sunday thing for you or is there space in your week to build your faith and relationships outside of Sundays? Ideas here!

    So, this fall, take time enough to make sure the planning calendar on your desk matches the value system in your heart! Come Christmas, you'll be glad you did.

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