What Now?

    Hi Gateway Victory:

    Hope your week is going great. I'm so excited for the new things that God is taking us into as a church.

    What new things?  I believe you can watch for these:

    • New things in church: more visitors coming in and connecting deeper than before (let's show God's love lots); a fresh atmosphere in the room; new momentum - going somewhere together; new manifestations of the gifts of the Spirit - words, sensings, healing, breakthrough prayers, .....MORE LIFE! New salvations and Holy Spirit experience
    • New things for you in God: sensing God in different ways; unexpected leading and directions from God in your life; God surprising you with His love for you and grace He's put upon your life; and the uncovering of desires and God's plans for your next steps 

    Bring it, Jesus! I believe we're entering a new season of breakthrough and release that will be felt church-wide. This is your time! Because of this, let's be encouraged to embrace what God has by...

    • Not giving up! Stubborn doors are about to be opened in Jesus' Name. If you're fighting opposition or standing in faith for something right now, don't give up! Don't give up praying. Gather some people to pray with you. You're almost through! Let's see victory in all things together
    • Getting hungry for more. You can connect deeper with God: This is for you. Ask Him to meet you right where you're at. Ask Him seriously and make it your prayer daily: "God show me You! I want to experience You more. Give me more so I can give it away!"
    • Trying a new role, a part, a place for you in the vision of God. In this season we're in, let God steer that for you like never before. Initiate some movement and see what God does with it. That is, when it comes to church, pick up a task or make a move to connect or help someone in need. Start praying for someone, or perhaps initiate involvement in an area of ministry (there's many to help out in!), become a part of a small group that meets outside of church during the week, or form some new friendships in new ways.

    Friends, let's turn away from those other temptations. You know - the ones to give up, to coast, and distance yourself from His work. That's not who we are!

    Instead, I'm excited because as a church we're embracing what God is doing more than before! Join us as we position ourselves for the life-changing God-encounters He has planned in us and through us as a group. Imagine what can happen in your life, and in our church as we embrace Him and what He's doing together. 

    Loving church because I love you!

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    NEED HELP? If you need help understanding or applying any of the above, feel free to reply via email/ph/txt and let's chat about it. Need prayer? Do the same. Let's connect :-) 

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