What Never Fails

    ‎God's Love never fails. 
    It's true - here I am visiting my dad who's quite possibly only got a few months to live and my Dad is a man who can say with millions of others, "God's love never fails."‎
    My Dad. Today He's surrounded by God's love thru the care of those he's invested in all these years. Especially my mom. He's experiencing the love of a doting family and some really close friends. 
    Yesterday I read a letter to dad from someone far away that wanted to say they appreciated him so much. He smiled.  That kind of love is sent to him from hearts all over the world.  After over 30 years in Christian ministry and  a life sowed plentifully into the lives of others, he's well loved. 
    Tomorrow, whatever waits for him there, I hope when he closes his eyes He can feel the smile of his Father in heaven who's prepared a place for him. A place full of reward! I hope that smile assures him that Love Personified is waiting for him. I know he's drawn on that love countless times to keep living the life he's been called to live; to return to God's love whenever he's strayed and to face every adversity and see it through.
    In so many ways I want to be like him. Whatever else there is to live for, whatever else seems so important at the time, I don't want it to overshadow this aim:  That at the end of a long, fruitful journey on earth, I want my life to stand beside my Dad's to prove to the world, "God's love never fails".  
    Wanna join me? 

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