For the longest time I've had this certain conversation with God - one in which I ask Him what He's saying to me for a specific season of my life. For the quarter. Or the month. And often what the key word is for the day.

    Sometimes the answer comes quickly and others it takes some pursuing, but it inevitably comes. I think that's because He's promised to lead us and that we'll hear His voice. He said He'd always show us the steps to take. So when we ask Him this, He answers according to His promise. (Check out "Guidance Scriptures" from this list)

    Try it! Ask, "God what 3 words / statements / phrases are you speaking to me for this (season, month, quarter)?

    Some things to remember:

    • Get quiet and "wait" on God for the answer. Spend some time in worship and let Him know you want His thoughts for you. He's not in a rush, so don't you be! Come back to it day after day if need be. He will answer!


    • Record it in a place you can ponder it. Once it's written things become clearer and you can springboard off this into other ways He can guide you. This is why to get a Spiritual Journal (a note on your phone, iPad, or a real actual paper one!)


    • Once recorded, refer to it often. I do daily with only a few exceptions. He spoke it to influence your thinking and decisions so let what He spoke inform your inner conversation / debates / day plan


    • You shouldn't change until that season is up. This isn't something based on feeling so you can change it when you're feeling differently, nor is it something you'll necessarily understand fully at the start. Treat it as something from God by honoring it in this way. I think that builds the effectiveness of the practice over time.


    • As you do this over the years you'll discover different ways that God leads you, different ways He speaks and what to look for. Being guided by God I've found is something we grow in intentionally, not just arrive at by accident

    Why not share some of your journey, or ask your questions? 

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