God is Speaking (#1)

    Lately God's been speaking to me about "sacrifice" and "fire".

    That is, the bringing to Him of my life, and what He does with it. At a conference I was at early Nov. one of the speakers said something to the effect that God doesn't light with His fire that which we don't sacrifice; then, later, it was discussed how Moses encountered the fire of God, and how Jesus promises to baptize us with His fire.

    At this conference I received impartation of the fire of God (cried my eyes out a few times during the worship times (!) and felt something significantly change in my heart). This encounter has stuck with me, I've been praying into it, and God's been using it to...

    • Invite me to continue to bring to Him "all of me" - not just the parts of my life that I think would be worthy, or good enough, or ready - to really submit it all to Him, no strings attached. He purifies with His fire...

    • Invite me to encounter His fire on an ongoing basis - my life as a sacrifice pleasing to Him. ...Moses encountered fire in the burning bush. A bush that didn't burn, but what did burn? His excuses / fear / old life apart from the fire of God. Everything changed after this! It would have been all-consuming. God do this with me!

    I think Jesus is speaking to me about being in a "Moses" season. This would be different from a "Joshua" season. With Joshua promised land was taken, with Moses it was different. It was about coming out of a slavery. It was about the display of God's power to rid his people of an enemy that had a grip on them in such a spectacular deliverance that they NEVER faced the same enemy again. It was an intervention of God that separated God's people from their past creating for them incredible opportunity. Do it Jesus!

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