What Can a Church Do?

    Dear Church - 

    I trust your week is passing with the blessing and refreshing that comes with walking with God! (Not feeling it? Check out this verse).

    I want to give you a heads up: 

    In keeping with our current theme "Family - Yours and His", our service this weekend is building up to be a fantastic time of being a family and celebrating our newest additions! That's right, it's our much-anticipated Baby Dedication service.  

    As we meet this Sunday, let's keep tabs on the ramifications of what we're doing together as we set some spiritual dynamics in place for these little ones (and their parents!).

    For those of you having your child dedicated, or inviting friends and family to the service check out these resources:
    And another special treat for this Sunday: After the baby dedications, Julene Schroeder will be speaking on "Raising Kids to Love the Lord". She has much revelation and anointing from God on this topic, so you'll want to make sure not to miss this :-) 

    Here's something for us all to take note of this week:

    Ps. 127. ....We're blessed as a church with lots of children! The Bible says the children in our church are a reward from God and that it's up to us as a church - all of us parents, singles, empty-nesters - from all stages and positions of life - to raise these children well. These kids we see week-in and week-out are like "arrows" in our hands! They are potential victory! They are what God is waiting to unleash on the world!  They are a force for righteousness, yet in our hands!

    Folks, this has everything to do with the place for God that we're building as a church. It has a role for everyone that's part of our church family. Not just to take care of our own personal children (this leaves many of us off the hook!) but to see the church as a family, and it's children on "our" agenda.

    So what's your part ...To pray? To help a single-parent? To make a meal? To babysit for a time-starved couple? To help in the Nursery / Children's Ministry? To come alongside a family? To speak a few words of encouragement?

    A well-known African proverb states that it takes a village to raise a child. Hillary Clinton wrote a popular book using this proverb in the title. She applied the concept to possibilities for America. I say, let's see what a church can do!

    Loving church because I love you,

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