What is that you're called to do? What is it that you do REALLY well? We all have something that God's Spirit gets all over when we do it. Chances are it's something of which you drastically under-estimate the power. How about not doing that anymore?
    Psalm 144 talks about God teaching us, training us, empowering us, and the subsequent kind of life that we can aspire to when He does. Give it a read here
    It begs the question, what is it that God blesses when I do it? In other words, of all my activities and ways of being, what is it that works REALLY well because God does it through me?
    Two things here: 
    Firstly, this applies to the "mandatory", almost ordinary, areas of your life as you follow Jesus. In other words, you are supernaturally anointed by God to be a fantastic single, spouse, parent, friend, employee, boss, etc. There's a shoe that fits - wear it, because you're anointed to do so! There are times and seasons when you need to know you're empowered by God to live these roles well. Believe it
    Also, this applies to specific talents, abilities, aspects of personality, etc. that you're called to display for the sake of the world around you. When you do, God gets all over it and shines His light through you. Don't know what they are? Ask around, take some strengths / personality tests (like 16 Personalities, or Life Languages), experiment, and, most of all, ask God to show you.
    This all boils down to confidence. You can rest assured that you're anointed for the "ordinary" and the "extra-ordinary" aspects of what's on your plate. When you really accept that, it changes your perspective. What can you NOT do?!

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