Ever wish you could know exactly what do in a given situation? Or what about your perspective? Do you ever just need to know how to look at something, or how to think about a situation in the right way?

    If you're following Jesus with your life, you can have just that. Anytime. Prov. 3:32 says that God's "secret counsel" is with you. That means whatever you're facing you get to "hear God" saying quietly to you what to do, and how to think about it. Imagine that! 

    Imagine being able to tap in to the right course of action and thinking every time! Friends, when God whispers in your ear, what He's saying is always right. His advice is always right on the mark. His viewpoint is...well, it's the right one! And we can hear His voice, whenever we tune in to heed it. This gives us an incredible advantage over obstacles, challenges and setbacks. It can save you so much time, money, effort and energy. And all we have to do is tune in a little bit to listen.

    If you're at work, say, and you have a sms txt conversation going on at the same time, you'll find yourself with a primary task (your job) and an ongoing background set of thoughts and feelings (the txt conversation). This illustrates what it's like to tune into God's secret counsel. You have the people and situations you're dealing with right in front of you (life), yet on a private device (your heart!) you have a distinct and unique set of directives, thoughts and feelings from God.

    All it takes to live like this is investing little time-outs from your day to check in with God. It means being aware of this "other conversation" happening on a heart level. Could you get used to regularly checking in with God to note, and to act out what you hear in your heart from Him?

    Why not try this out? Say to the Lord, you'd love to hear His secret counsel more. Then set some time aside regularly to tune the ears of your heart in to what He's saying over your life. Ask Him some questions then listen for the answers, heart to heart with Jesus. Go to Prov. 8:34-35, read it, and ask the Lord to speak to you what His ways are, what His heart is, what His will is regarding the various opportunities and challenges in your life.

    In this way, you can increasingly know just the right thing to do in any given situation. And you can have and bring heaven's perspective to bear on your everyday life.


    Photo by London Scout on Unsplash

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