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    Dear Church:

    Standing several stairs below Spencer, our 17th month old, I had a moment the other day. I outstretched my arms in a suggestive you-should-jump-and-I'll-catch-you pose and after a small hesitation, he launched himself forward towards me.

    I caught him easily, swung him around and we laughed together. He wanted to do it again.

    There are two words God's speaking to me lately and it's this: Trust Me.

    It's far too easy for us not to do this, isn't it? It's much easier to say you're trusting, but really to hold back or withdraw because you don't know what's about to happen. It's easier to sit down on the stair, instead of to step. It's easier to doubt. To wait and see. To let someone else. To make excuses. To blame. To sit down. To not jump.

    But that's not what He's asking of us!

    No, He's standing in our future, just out of reach, suggesting we jump. He's asking you and me to step out even when we don't know what's waiting for us. To launch out into Him, into His Grace, into our inability ...and to find Him there. He giving us glimpses of what He sees when He looks into our futures and, armed with that potential alone, to go where we haven't gone before.

    Think about the step in front of you.

    It's daunting.
    It's fraught with unknowns.
    It's not predictable.

    But it's also undeniably what He wants.
    It's your life lived to it's fullest.
    And it's the key to the future you desire.

    Thankfully, friends, our God can be trusted. In fact He's already in your future and my future and He's there making sure that when we step out, He'll catch. Prov. 3:5-6, while very familiar, holds precious truths. You see, to trust Him is to step out acknowledging He'll be there, making your ways successful. It's not trust if you or I play it safe and don't move.

    Trust is the step in the direction you're not sure about but that He's leading you in. I think I'll step. I think I'll trust. You should too. 

    My bet? We'll want to do it again!


    • Prayer this week: Thursday, 7-8:30pm. A great place to learn prayer, talk about prayer and DO SOME PRAYER!
    • Gateway Launch: Oct. 15th - An every-other-week mid-week get together for fun, friendship and Bible - Let us know you're interested
    • Ladies Lunch: Oct. 22nd - Let us know if you're interested
    • International Potluck - Oct. 26th - Make plans to stick around after the Sunday service. This is going to be a lot of fun and interesting for your taste buds. Great invite opportunity! All Welcome! To participate, let us know you're interested. More details to come.
    Questions? Ph/Txt: 403.816.1684


    Road Map for the Week:

    Time to crack open some Word and do some finding out. If you find the answers to any of these, email me your thoughts
    • Tuesday: Should Abrahamhave trusted God?
    • Wednesday: Should Joshua have trusted God?
    • Thursday: Should David have trusted God?
    • Friday: Should this woman have trusted God?
    • Saturday: Should you trust God? Why? Why don't you want to sometimes? What is God saying to you here?
    • Sunday: See you in church!

    Sound Track for the Week: It is Well by Bethel Music. Love that we're doing this song right now in church. Here's your midweek fix :-)


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