Dear Church:

    It's approaching Valentines Day so I felt to write this week on game changers for your love-life. These pointers are bound to to stir up some great conversations, expectations and dreams around the best God has for us in this area.

    Hey, every relationship can benefit from reminders and pushes in the right direction every so so often. And every heart loves to be refreshed on some life-giving truths.

    So here goes! Enjoy....

    Top 3 Game-Changers for Couples:

    1. Often we're focused all too much on what our spouses need to change in order to make us happier, or for our relationship to get to a better place. These things can even grow to consume our energy around our relationship. However, to focus here is fruitless. There's only one person in the relationship you can change and it's not them!
    2. Further, in marriage, to change a little results in a lot. Small, seemingly insignificant changes in YOU can result in large-scale shifts in your relationship. Just try changing one thing about you and hold the change for 30 days and see the difference it makes. And you likely know where to start, right?
    3. Sharing spiritual things brings a couple closer than almost anything else.  It opens up communication, purpose, intimacy and so much more. Find a way to journey spiritually together. Already do this? It's not a check box, it's path. How could you do this in an increasing way? Here's a phenomenal resource for spiritual togetherness - click here - This book is one of my favorite reads on getting to the best marriage has to offer. Make it the book you go through together this year!

    Top 3 Game-Changers for Singles:

    1. If you're looking / hoping for a spouse someday, start in earnest to be the person that the person you're hoping for would want to be with. Often we can get stalled in our personal development as we're waiting for love to sweep us off our feet, at which point we think we'd then make changes and adjust. Instead, make those changes up front. You can read more about this principle by a favorite speaker and author of mine by picking up his book here - you won't regret it!
    2. Love and romance on this earth merely serve to point us to something far more important and lasting: God's relationship with us and the adventure we're caught up in with Him. To be single isn't to be left out. There's nothing wrong with singleness! In fact the Divine Romance is the main point here on the earth, and you're in a position to be more in touch with that than most. The couples are the side-show and you have the real deal. Please don't miss this truth! It'll propel you into the best life ever.
    3. Don't give up. If God has put the desire for more love and romance in your life, don't grow weary in the waiting. Get those prayers out again and stir up the desire for what you believe God has prepared for you. Even if your journey with this has been filled with hurt, rejection or fumbling through it - God's not finished yet! Stories abound of how He has redeemed love-lives re-creating them to be in line with His original intent. What would look like for you? Dream...

    I hope one or two of the above points get you thinking. Have a some unfiltered conversations (with God, with a friend, with your spouse!) about them and I hope you enjoy the outcomes. Email me and let me know your questions / thoughts.
    Remember: We have a very special service planned this Sunday for couples, singles and children alike. If you can, plan to attend and see if you can bring a friend, coworker, family member. Let's share the message of God's love!

    See you soon,

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