Dear Church:

    Hope you're enjoying your week and getting your stampeding in okay - it's a wet one! Summer 2016 is well underway and I felt to share with you some wisdom for the weeks ahead. Proverbs says that the ways of wisdom are pleasantness and peace. This summer let's go in that direction!

    What do those ways actually entail for you and me? Here is the first of three wise ways to which we can align our thinking and acting.

    #1. Think connection: Use your time to build relationships with people who need what you have, or who feed what you want to become. 

    When we get into summer, our calendars take a shift and it's an opportunity to implement some alternate priorities. 

    You may have exciting hobbies, overdue projects or catching up on Netflix in mind for the summer. These kinds of activities often have immediate pay-off. In contrast, family time, whether with nuclear family or church family, is rewarded over the long term. Godly friendships pay off years down the road when you can look back and see the impact. It's wise to choose to spend the time you have right now with the people you'll be glad you did come year-end.

    Action Steps:

    • Take a minute to pray and ask Holy Spirit who those people are right in front of you, or on the periphery of your life, that He has put there for deeper relationship with you
    • Sit for while with this thought: The way I live my day is how I live my life. Then go live your summer happy with that.
    • Take out your calendar and place in it those relationships you cherish, or know you need to be proactive about. It's not for real unless it's out of your brain and on your schedule.
    • Write a list of church people, neighbors, friends and family that you'd like to connect deeper with this summer, then beside each one, write your first action for doing so

    It's actions like these that make you wise with God's kind of wisdom and put you right in the middle of "pleasantness and peace".  Stay tuned for #2 in this series next week. Loving church because I love you! See you soon,

    403.816.1684 - ph/txt anytime :-) 

    PS. Here's The Message version of Proverbs 3 on why wisdom. It's a great read! Go highlight it in your Bible and preach it to an unsuspecting friend, pet, or mirror.

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