Dear Church:

    Hope you're having a great week :-)

    Here is Part 3 of some summer thoughts around you and I determining to stay in the paths of wisdom over the summer months. Proverbs says that the ways of wisdom are pleasantness and peace. This summer let's go in that direction!

    So far we've covered: "Thinking Connection" and "Determine Confession".  Following is the third of three wise ways to which we can align our thinking and acting.

    #3. Be Content: No matter what your past has been like or what you're hoping for in tomorrow, you are blessed with the ability to be happy and at peace, here and now.

    Subtly we can get lost in one of two traps: Either being over-driven to achieve something in the future, or under-valuing our lives based on something in the past.

    Both always lead to stress and anxiety and neither ever lead to happiness and peace.

    The greatest security we have against these traps is our contentment. And we learn contentment from Jesus who invited us to come to Him and discover how to walk in step with Him instead of under the burdens of the expectations of others and our own often misguided thinking.

    Let's come back to that place of "rest for our souls" again. On our holidays, in early morning times, during evening walks alone, and generally in these slower weeks of summer let's get alone with God long enough to feel His pleasure in us and hear His directives over our lives. 

    Armed with this we can resist the traps of discontentment and become truly happy and at peace - for what He thinks about you is all that really matters.

    Have fun with your summer, and we'll see you around!

    403.816.1684 - ph/txt anytime :-) 

    PS. Mara and I were surprised and blessed this last Sunday by the fantastic generosity showed to us by our church family. What a wonderful gift to be presented with the first Sunday back after our holidays! THANK YOU for all who played a part! Wow!!! Many blessings back on you <3

    PPS. Two important dates for you: Our Summer Picnic is August 20, mid-afternoon and on; And  we'll be holding a Summer Prayer Meeting on August 16, 7pm at Tolu and Shade's house. More details available - just email me and ask :-)


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    More rock solid, biblical truth from Pastor Rowan! Thank you Pastor!


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