Dear Church:

    This week, Mara and I leave for some camping in the mountains with 4 kids in tow (please pray! haha).  Before we head out I wanted to leave you with Part 2 of some summer thoughts around you and I determining to stay in the paths of wisdom over the summer months. Proverbs says that the ways of wisdom are pleasantness and peace. This summer let's go in that direction!

    What do those ways actually entail for you and me? Last week we looked at "Thinking Connection".  Here is the second of three wise ways to which we can align our thinking and acting.

    #2. Determine Confession: Listen to and switch up your "self-talk" and conversations to align more with what God says about your life.

    We all do this. We all have a stream of inner hopes, dreams, fears and thoughts that inevitably pass through some sort of filter and spill out in our self-talk and conversations with others. Not every thought makes it out to being  entertained in our brains or to being vocal. Not every hope or fear. Just those ones that we either consciously or sub-consciously spend time thinking about or we vocalize to further our agendas or influence our reality.

    In other words, we filter out those that we deem would get us into trouble (!) or otherwise not be advantageous.

    It's a way of wisdom for you and I to be conscious of this filter and use it to our advantage in our walking through life with God. What if we determined to make our self-talk and talk with others to be filtered through the question "what does God say about this"?  That would be powerful for His purposes in us and would demonstrate Jesus' Lordship of of our hearts.


    • Ask Holy Spirit to make you more aware of your self-talk. Awareness is the first step in changing the way you talk to yourself and others
    • Spend some time after encounters with people thinking about how you come across in what you say. Was Jesus honored by it? Did His light shine through in some way? We usually know these answers immediately and it's the Holy Spirit speaking them.
    • Ask someone close to you to keep you accountable to what you allow past your filter and actually express
    • Intentionally seek out and record what the Bible says about specific situations you face and become familiar with it. Change up what you truly choose to believe, and replace your current thoughts (wherever they came from!) with God's thoughts. Practice speaking them out loud! Here is a great Daily Prayer, filled with the right thoughts about you and your life

    We grow in these things by catching ourselves in the process of allowing things through our filter. Much of the "fight of faith" and the "sanctification" of our lives happens by arresting thoughts at the border and not allowing them expression, or, conversely, agreeing with Truth and declaring it forward.  Want some more revelation on this?  Read James 3:1-12 - oh so good!

    Have fun with your summer, and we'll see you around!

    403.816.1684 - ph/txt anytime :-) 

    PS. One of our very own in-house preachers, Alex Legesse from Gospel International Fire Ministries, will be speaking this Sunday. You're going to be BLESSED!  Check out and like his ministry on Facebook

    PPS. Two important dates for you: Our Summer Picnic is August 20, mid-afternoon and on; And  we'll be holding a Summer Prayer Meeting on August 16, 7pm at Tolu and Shade's house. More details available - just email me and ask :-)

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