Dear Church: 

    Hope you're all having a great week! If you're here for some turn-around fuel.

    We've been talking in church about who it is that God's made us, and how to live from that awareness. We're giving this some attention because many problems surface when we don't realize the truth about ourselves:

    • ...our true identity gets colored by other people's insecurity. We end up seeing ourselves as others do instead of how God does.
    • ...our optimum behavior is limited by our fears. We end up boxed in and not taking the risks that would show our strengths.
    • ...we merely react to our environments. We feel victimized by things in life instead of realizing the God-given power of our choice.
    • ...we end up with some pretty low standards. Our standards in how treat our bodies, time, money, sexuality, etc. all slip because we don't see ourselves clearly. 

    THESE ARE PROBLEMS!  Do you see yourself in those statements? To be honest, I think we all do on some level, and so here are Three Ways to Uncover Your Identity: 

    1. Lean into the Father's love for you. Fear of God's dissatisfaction in you results in all kinds of lies we end up living by. Conversely His love for you is the greatest identity-corrector there is! Spend time asking Him why He loves you - specifically you.  Become increasingly convinced. This is the best healing for our identity EVER!
    2. Speak out some verses that tell the truth about who you are. Look up this one and this one. Form them into a statement you can read / memorize and speak out over your life. Or adopt this one.  Do it on the way to work, or as your kids watch their favorite show, or as you get ready for bed at night. As you speak it, the Word itself creates the faith in your heart to begin to see yourself as God does. Layer by layer it erases the lies and deception we've believed and in doing so sets us free. Speaking the Word is key to all areas of life-change, and this one is no exception.
    3. Hang out with people that will remind you who you are. Often the company we keep has a profound affect on how we see ourselves. Build relationships with people that are on the journey of seeing themselves for who they are in God. Remember: Insecure people will project their insecurity. Hurt people will hurt people. And people in touch with who God's made them will bring that healing to others in a powerful way too. Find you some!

    Incorporate these habits into your life and over time you'll begin to see clearer who you really are and what this means for how you live. 

    Friends, seeing our true identity in God is key to living the full life He's designed for us. It's often where He starts His work inside of us and I find He revisits this area with each new season or phase of destiny. It changes the blueprint for the choices we make. 

    Want to chat about these things? Have questions / comments or want someone to pray with? Shoot me a reply email/ph/txt. - I'd love to hear from you.

    If you worship with us, can't wait to see you Sunday! To all of our readers: have a fabulous week switching up some self-identity thinking!

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