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    Dear Gateway Victory:
    I trust you are all having an AMAZING week!
    (If not call me, we'll pray and turn it around :-) I dare
    As a church we believe God is re-focusing us in on the essential ingredients required for us to become more of who we're meant to be as followers of Christ.
    Easier said, typed and facebooked than done?! Especially the essential ingredient of PRAYER we talked about on Sunday?! Perhaps so, but opening up an ongoing conversation with God is absolutely vital.
    On Sunday we discussed how we're not approaching a God who is unpredictable, silent or disappointed in us. No! Rather we need to base our approach to Him on the truth. Here it is:
    1. God is the source of everything good in life, and He's good to you
    2. He longs for connection with you
    3. He is attracted to the righteousness in you
    Wow! That's our approach. Before we even get started!!
    For some of you that's new and you need to wrestle to the ground any objections you may have or lies you believe. For others, this is a reminder or perhaps a needed deepeing of how to go about your talking with God.
    Now for some how-to's. Here are three guide posts that will help you in setting up "ritual" around talking with God:
    1. Pick a time and place. You can talk to God at any time and in any place. However, it really helps to establish A time and A place which you frequent. When we talk with Him in a specific and planned time and place we're far more aware of Him in every time andevery place. Kind of like dating someone. Think about it. (If you already have this going on, change it up a bit - take God out somewhere different. Yup, He made the world, but you can date Him in it!)
    2. Ask Him questions. Conversation is two-sided - at least the best ones are. No one likes a one-sided rant, so get used to waiting to hear what God will say to you. Asking questions shows Him honor and gives your heart and soul something to hang on to. Many times I ask Him things in the morning and get my answer in the day (days) ahead through conversations with someone or something He shows me. (Already do this? Try some different questions...more on this in the Road Map for the Week below).
    3. Have your tools ready. Notepad, paper and a Bible. As digital as this world is, I still use a paper journal (gasp!) and a real-life Bible (heard of it?!) These aren't the only tools - find tools that suit you and use them. I pick a time and place (try to make it regular - at least 3 times/week), open up the conversation and then I write what I feel Him speaking to me. This "spiritual journaling" as I call it has become a large part of my walking with God.(Already use certain tools? Maybe it's time to switch things up a bit and try something new)
    Listen, perhaps you feel you don't talk much with God personally these days, or that you'd rather leave it for someone else to do. Or perhaps you don't quite know how to believe the first list above, yet alone work on the second...
    But, friend, no matter who you are, or how much or little you think of your prayer life, if you will do these three simple things you WILL enter into a conversation with your creator, Jesus Christ. And this conversation will begin to shape and direct your life and add so much value to you that you can't possibly express in words the beauty of your relationship you have with Him and how much direction, peace and joy He brings you.
    Remember - He's good, He's longing for connection with you and He's smiling over you now. Remember from Sunday: Turn your heart to Him, and the veil is no more. Imagine that. Do it right now.
    Loving church because I love you,
    Need prayer? Someone to discuss life with? Want to talk about how all this applies to your life? Email meor Txt /Ph me 403.816.1684
    403.816.1684 - ph/txt anytime :-)
    Missed Sunday?
    In case you missed Sunday, you can find the message on ourwebsite. We've been covering the "right ingredients" needed for you to become more of who you're meant to be - that is, for spiritual growth in your life. They are:
    1. Conversations with God (Prayer)
    2. Interaction with the Word (Bible)
    3. Living in community (Christian Fellowship)
    Note: These ingredients are not new, granted, but you will never have heard them presented quite like what we're about to in our church, guaranteed! ...For some of us, as we embrace this our lives will radically change. For others, there will be adjustments and the addition of life-giving practices.
    What about for you?
    This song is about the result of what happens when the veil is lifted from our hearts - every time we turn to the Lord. 2 Cor. 3:16
    Road Map for the Week: 
    One of the great secrets of spending time talking with God is that He provides answers for living. He speaks to what we are dealing with in our lives, shows direction and gives confidence to our steps.
    Sometimes this is sparked best by asking God questions. And sometimes we hear new things by asking new questions. This week, as you go walking, find yourself driving somewhere alone, doing a chore quietly, or on a lunch break - start a conversation with Him by asking...
    1. God, who am I to you?....what do I mean to you? What do you call me? If you had to name me, what would you say? Note: this is very different from caring what others around you think of you
    2. God, in this season, what are you creating in me? What are you doing inside me that will one day create change outside of me? If my heart is so important to you, what are you doing in there? How can I help You with this? Note: this is very different than the stress of what is or isn't happening on the surface of your life
    3. God, what do you want me to do in my life? Given the opportunities and people and challenges all around me, what do you want me to do most? Right now? Later? Maybe someday? What should be on my priority list today from Your perspective? Note: this is very different than complaining, blaming or shaming yourself or others about situations and circumstances
    So ask. Then wait. Ask Him again as needed, "hold the question up before Him" is the way I say it. It means to cradle the question in your heart, or on open hands, in front of Him until He answers. This is called seeking His face. And it's guaranteed a great response: Jer. 29:11-12

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