At GVC we've spent November talking about life-change. How God loves us enough to change us, and what that process looks like from the inside-out. Hope you've enjoyed our discussions and seen yourself in them. His Word is like mirror!

    As we saw again in this study on life-change, (and this continues to amaze me!) heaven's message to humanity, starts and ends with love. No matter what verses we begin with and what verses we end with, we cannot escape the fact that the whole point GOD LOVES US! It's the reason Jesus came and the reason His purpose remains.

    We can find incredible traction in our walk of faith when we come to terms with this and allow other ideas and feelings to fall away in the light of it.

    Most of us understand this to a small degree ...and have experienced the enemy doing anything he can to stop us seeing it more fully! However, he is no match for Holy Spirit, and realizing more of His Love for you is right ahead if you're walking with God. And when you experience it it changes everything

    It's what our hearts crave. It's the only thing we need to be fully alive and fully empowered to love others and live life like He did. And it's available for you in spades.

    Mara and I are so happy to be in a church like this with you!


    On Tuesday, December 1, 2015, said:

    Last Sunday I got the meaning of diligence in pursuing God. Also the true benefit of seeking Him is peace.


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