It pays at regular (or random) intervals to give yourself a snapshot of your life - big picture.

    This means basically to assess what's important for you and how you're doing on certain metrics. It's especially useful if you record your observations and find a way to check back in often and to let it guide your choices and perspectives - small picture.

    So, on the grand occasion of my birthday (!), I'd like to share with you some questions I use to get me thinking in the right direction, and my current answers:

    What is Your Life Message?
    "You Can Live Like This!" ...meaning to live aware of the Presence of God and being the best version of you possible - Ps. 16:11

    What is Your Greatest Pride / Joy?
    My wife, Mara, and our 4 kids. The home we've created and have been blessed with

    What Long-term Project are You Working on Right Now / Highlights of Your Work? 
    Our church, Gateway Victory. Currently 120+ call it their church home and we've created a loving, faith-filled place where people are experiencing God in a way that's changing the way they live. While this has been a stretching journey to say the least I love what God has done in us and through us at GVC more than I can say. Thank you Jesus!

    What else are You Working on These Days?
    Increasing semi-residual income through our businesses. This has been a 3 steps forward, 2 steps back kind of journey, and we're believing God for increasing favor, breakthrough, skills and wisdom and a higher degree of success financially than ever before.

    What are Your Hopes / Aims / Dreams for this next year? 
    I have some personal things I want to see between God and I // Dating and get-aways with Mara more - quantity and quality // Continued church growth and other ministry opportunities and the increased time to give to this work // Acquire more anointing and skills for a synchronized trajectory with family, ministry, business (haha!)

    What Successful Habit Changes Did You Make Last Year? Working out regularly - met and surpassed fitness goals // Taking my older daughters on dates // Reading/learning diet healthy and intentional // Journaling consistently // Zero or limited phone use before 10am and in evenings at home 

    What New Habits do You Want to Create this Next Year?
    Increased personal prayer and Bible Study // Investing money // Changes in evening routines // Higher quality delegating practices in my development of leaders // Writing more

    That's me in a nutshell!

    So, what about you? Take some time to pen some responses and share them with someone you trust. Remember, always write and think about your life in the light of Ephesians 3:20-21! Have fun!


    On Friday, November 25, 2016, said:

    Thanks John for your friendship! Prayers for breakthrough all round - God is fighting our battles!


    On Friday, November 25, 2016, said:

    Great plans Rowan. You have all your priorities right. Ruth and I pray 2017 will be a great breakthrough year. Love to the Fraser 6


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