Things to Know Uphill

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    You can't go too far in life without encountering resistance.

    You might be facing some pretty big obstacles in life even as you read this. Encountering resistance isn't the problem however, the real issue is how your heart handles it. Going uphill right now? This mountain you're on - It can be your defeat or your victory.

    I don't know who I heard say this first, but it's a great tag line for a day in which you struggle for focus: "Don't doubt in the darkness what God showed you in the light."

    Jesus often gets us to go from A to B in life, not telling us what we'll face in the process. He does it because He knows that what you face there will mature you and train you for the next A to B in His plan for you. Therefore, in those times, careful of your self-talk and inner perspective.

    Keep your heart - your faith and your eyes - anchored on the One who told you to go in that direction in the first place. Lean into His power and His Grace.

    Like this, you can't encounter resistance for too long, without His will being established!


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