The Way You Walk

    This year the promise we have from God is that He's leading us into increased breakthrough.

    This means for you that what's around the corner is different than the situations you're facing today. It means you'll be on the other side of issues you've been dealing with for a long time. It means you're set to succeed and to prosper in all things even as your soul prospers.

    Come on 2017!

    That said... you walk today, before any of that actually happens, is MORE important.

    How so? Consider this:

    1. Walking by Faith: This is the quality of spirit that believes God at His Word. It's your part of the breakthrough equation. Faith creates a "landing strip" in your life for God to come and do His part. What could He do for you that He's already promised you?

    2. Walking in Love: This is the choice to act lovingly towards all people. Especially those closest to us, and especially to those opposed or hostile to us in some way (maybe those are the same people for you!). It's how we live out our faith (above) and make it something that pleases God. Who could you show love to in a way that's unexpected or undeserved?

    See, how we show up in the world - with faith in God's promises and love towards people - matters a great deal. It steers us in the right direction. It increases the quality of our lives and those around us. It attracts the very Presence of God to operate in and through us. It also keeps us of positive mind and attitude and positions us best for the breakthrough down the path that God's designed.

    So let's have fun walking there! ...Together let's allow faith to expand to fill His Promises over our lives. Let's believe God when he says

    and this
    and this!

    And in every interaction and relationship let's look for ways to show love.

    • Act with kindness. Not just returning kindness for kindness, but give the kind that comes from inside you...
    • Bear burdens. Reach out and take a weight that someone's carrying. Like fear, insecurity, lack, stress...
    • Serve generously. The kind of serving that raises an eyebrow, brings a smile, or even a tear...

    Friends - If you're heading towards all God has for you this year, then walking in faith and love will set you up well for the break-though around the corner.

    And it's also how to enjoy the journey the most.

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