The Ultimate Expression

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    Dear Church:
    The ultimate expression of what we believe is the one that requires the most of us.
    Think about it. be kind when someone is kind to you, reach out and shake a hand when one is extended to you, smile when someone smiles at you
    What else could be easier?
    But it's the love you show when someone is mean to you, it's the gesture of connection when someone is closed, it's the smile when no-one else is smiling - it's here when your expression counts the most.
    It stretches your character.
    It offers hope.
    It turns things around.
    The same is true in the expression of your praise to God. When you don't feel it, when you don't see it, when it all seems to be closing in on you - it's here your praise makes the most difference. The very act, the sound, of your praising God is like rain on seed-saturated soil! It'll close the gap between "God save me!" and "God You have saved me!"
    To praise Him for your answer from Heaven when you don't see any heaven anywhere is to pave the way for your answer to come to pass!
    It stretches your spirit.
    It brings life.
    It moves destiny ahead.
    Beloved, we're doing fabulous with this is a church! I love our sound! Imagine where this could take us?!!! Imagine us being a church thatincreasingly knows this power when we gather together. What if we were to cause our expression of praise as a church to turn things around and move destiny ahead in greater and greater ways, again and again. For you. For our people. For those yet looking for Him. This, my friends, is the ultimate expression.
    Loving church because I love you,
    403.816.1684 - ph/txt anytime :-)
    Reminders for the Week:
    • EASTER SUNDAY is this coming weekend! Let's pull out all the stops and celebrate Jesus' Victory together. BRING SOMEONE! Txt/email us the names of people you've invited and we'll pray over them this Thursday in our midweek prayer meeting! Fun fun!
    • Prayer Meetings this week: Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Email/ph/txt me for details. All invited!
    • Book the evenings of May 23rd and 24th OFF! These are the evenings of our first ever conference, DEEPER! Guest speaker Sammy Robinson - More details to follow
    Road Map for the Week:
    • Monday - Take some time to flip through the book of Psalms and note how much the writer praises God for things. Find a few statements that you can vocalize too. Go ahead and do it. Whisper them, write them out and find a time later to speak them. Look up to God and say them out loud as an expression of your faith. Start here
    • Tuesday - Find a praise / worship song with your name on it. That is, find one that resonates with an expression of praise that's also in your heart. Then join with it sometime today (in your car, alone with your phone, with your stereo cranked) in an out loud expression - let the music help you say to God what you already really want to say. A favorite of mine is here
    • Wednesday - "Nothing really changes until you speak and move differently", Rex Crain. Today plan a time, an alone moment, when you can expand your repertoire of expression of praise towards God. (What you won't do in private, you'll likely not do in church)! For you it might be lifting your hands to Him, or maybe it's shouting how great He is, or perhaps singing, kneeling or just delighting your heart in Him. Like you would arranging to use new work out video, or a time to meet a new friend, make a date with God with the intention of speaking and moving like you haven't yet. Sooooo exciting!
    • Thursday - Tonight, come to our midweek prayer meeting! Everyone welcome - it's a laid back, Spirit-led approach to prayer. If you don't really know what to expect, or even how to pray - Join the club! We're all just learning, honest! (If you can't come, take 20 minutes and pray for Gateway Victory. Pray for the people, the destinies, what God is doing right now in our midst. Help us bathe the church in prayer. So fun!
    • Friday - Take a problem in your life right now and summarize and then begin to specifically praise and thank God for the answer. Act, speak, demonstrate exactlylike you would if God had already miraculously cured, fixed, corrected, answered that issue already. When you can do this, the physical manifestation is close at hand. See this verse.
    • Saturday - Call someone in our church today and ask them what you can pray for on their behalf. When they say something ask if you can pray then and there. Start with, "God we THANK you that..." and then begin to praise God for the answer they need. Gutsy I know, but you can do it :-)
    Sound Track for the Week:  is here. (....shhhh, it's a sneak peak - we might make this our Deeper Conference theme song)
    Let's have a great y'all!

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