The Power of Us

    Church, Jesus-style, is actually the most powerful gathering of people on the planet. More than The Bill Gates' Foundation, more than the political parties of wealthy countries. More than the educational institutions of our day and more than any other influence of culture you may want to point to.


    Yes, it's true. When we are on-target and on-mission we are unstoppable. When we're not, we're well, annoying. Even dangerous. The Bible says it's possible for us as a people of God to have "...a form of godliness (acting religious) but denying it's power"...2 Tim. 3:5

    If that's your experience, as opposed to being a part of the most powerful organization of people in the world, then examine the roots of the kind of church for which not even hell itself can win out over!

    To do this see Mat. 16:13-19. Let God ask you the same question. Allow Him to reveal to you the same answer. Then discover how to live, in community with other people of like mind, from this posture.  

    Congratulations - you're now a part of the most powerful gathering on the planet. Simple. Now go be the change you want to see.

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