The Power of a Little Time

    In our planning we value large blocks of time, and these are the ones that get blocked out on our calendars. An extra Saturday at work, a business lunch, time for a work project, an evening with friends, etc.

    We prioritize these out of necessity, but so much of value can happen in the million small moments we can easily skip over as insignificant. We are prone to not bother, gloss over, or fail to cherish so much of value when we only look towards the bigger time slots. Consider the inestimable power of:

    • 5 minutes in focused prayer over an issue you're facing
    • 3 minutes zeroed in on reading that feeds your soul
    • 60 seconds of embrace with a spouse (this alone has the power to change a day / correct course. No words needed! Try it)
    • 90 seconds enjoying a good laugh (you can't plan this so much, ...but when it happens...!)
    • 2 minutes stopped to take in the beauty of nature (breathe deeply!)
    • 11 minutes of focused play with a child (The average for a dad is 10 mins/day with his kids. Beat this average to pulp with me!)
    • 9 minute phone call to build a friendship with someone on your mind
    • 15 minutes of worship on the way to wherever
    • 4 minutes of phone-prayer with a trusted friend (The power of agreement only takes a second but can move a mountain)
    • 20 minutes sharing a meal as a family
    • 10 minutes creative brainstorming
    • 2.5 minutes sharing this blog on facebook! (Here's the link to all previous posts

    God is in each small moment. Lets look to find Him there.

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