Hi Church:

    Last Sunday we experienced a primary invitation of Jesus which is the greatest stress-buster ever. This offers a major shift for some of us some of the time, and an irresistible adjustment for all of us all the time!

    You may have discovered though, it also introduces a paradox of sorts: Connecting with Jesus like this takes "work"! It's true. The very turning over of our cares and concerns to the One who can carry them for us, requires effort.

    What's easier is drifting into a fretful or stressful place. Or perhaps drowning our sorrows, and arranging our own escapes - that seems easy. What's easier for us is unduly attempting to control outcomes. We do all these things in a myriad of ways, right?

    Easier indeed, but nowhere near as rewarding. And herein is a great truth: Whenever we do the work of coming to Jesus (spending the time to approach Jesus with our stuff and yielding to His ways) the benefits FAR out way the sacrifice!

    • It's always worth it to spend a few moments at the start of the day awakening your heart to the glorious truth of who's on your side
    • It's always worth it in between the events of your day to spend 30 seconds and thank Him for being in the last one and acknowledging His Presence in the next
    • It's always worth it to turn off the radio, the TV, the phone and spend a few minutes returning your heart to His Peace

    The Bible talks about "laboring to enter His rest". Check it out here(Challenge: Read this chapter every day from now till Sunday to let it really sink in and transform your thinking). This, my friends is the fantastic reality of the believer: we get to live here!

    ...Imagine a day completely "off". Imagine the picture of a relaxing beach, the feeling of a weekend or imagine a few days on a far away personal retreat. While these things may not happen physically often enough (!), they can sure be the place where your heart lives and drinks deeply from all the time. His rest from all worry, pressure, stress, the weight of striving for acceptance or making it all work, is available for you.  So take a day completely "off" all that. And then another. And another. It'll change who you're becoming.

    It may be work to turn your heart there over and over but it's so worth it! Holy Spirit helps us in this and the increased Presence of Jesus in our lives is such a huge reward - even for the people around you! Do it for their sake. Go there now.

    Loving you because I love church!  See you around soon,

    403.816.1684 - ph/txt anytime :-)

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    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Daylight Savings Time is this Sunday. Put your clocks ahead one hour!

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