The Most Important Thing

    Dear Church:
    When it comes to your life, the relationship you have with Jesus is the most important thing. It's EVERYTHING!
    Gulp. Often times that's not really how we live our lives though, is it?
    In our day-to-day we get dragged down to thinking that the priorities on our plate, that phone call to make, that contract we need, the child that needs us, that pile of things to sort, or just making it through the day (!) ...that these somehow are most important.
    Or in my case, "what happens next".
    I say that because I was hanging out with God last week and He told me, "Hey, btw, my relationship with you is not affected by what happens next". 
    Wow - when He said that I felt it hit me on a deep level and I actually cried. It took me by complete surprise! I guess it's because in my heart I had been feeling like so much is at stake in key areas of my life, and I want to do well. I really really want this season to count.
    But in the scope of His love for me...
    against the back drop of eternity....
    and all He has for me...
    ...the practicalities of this season with all of it's hopes and fears are very very safe with Him ... and really small by comparison!
    Besides, there's nothing too difficult for God here, and He is with me in full force! So God did what He does so well - what He wants to do with you. He reached into my thoughts, spoke grace, and gently readjusted something that was drifting from it's true north.
    See, your relationship with God, in His eyes, is what your life is all about...
    - The joys that you cherish in life are merely showing you a glimpse of Him designed to make you want Him more.
    - Difficult times only serve to press you closer to Him - for in Him is a very precious and safe place of refuge.
    - And the process of living life - what's next for you and those you love - is to be lived out of a sense of adventure, faith and joy.
    Never out of fear of any kind.
    My friends, He loves you so much and is walking with you. The hand you hold, is more important than the what's down the road. You can live like that! Got it?
    Loving church because I love you,
    403.816.1684 - ph/txt anytime :-)
    Road Map for the Week:
    "God, take me deeper into You". This is the prayer of the heart that's about to be amazed again by God! Let's pray it this week as we venture into new waters together. To assist you...
    • Ask Him to take you deeper - Ex. 47. The river of God is progressive. Whatever we've experienced in God to date, we know there's always more. If that's true, what could that look like for you? Let a hunger take root in your heart this week. You won't be disappointed!
    • Remind yourself of His Goodness - Ps. 34:8. There will come a moment in your pursuit in which you'll wonder if He can be trusted with that part of your heart or life. To prepare for this cause how good He is to be close to the surface in your thinking. Write down what He's done in key areas of your life so far. You've tasted and seen ... now you can expect good things from Him, right?
    • Hold onto Him, not your ideas of His ways - Ps. 119:33. Over and over again we find ourselves challenged in what we believe. It's because God is so much bigger than our thinking and His goodness is so much greater than our capacity to believe! So lay down your ideas and pick up the adventure of discovering more. Let Him paint outside of the box in your heart. I speak new territory in your relationship with God into your life in Jesus' Name!
    • Approach this conference with faith in your heart - Mark 11:23. Believe God to speak to you and do in you what you're asking and needing. Believe it before the meetings, during the meetings and after the meetings. That is, ask Him for it, spell it out as much as you can, and then thank Him for receiving it because you know it's on its way to you. Whenever you think about it, thank Him. Whenever the lie comes that you won't receive it after all, rebuke the lie and thank Him again. That kind of faith won't go disappointed!
    Sound Track for the Week: Breathe on Us, Kari Jobe - One of our theme songs for this weekend. Get it in your spirit!
    Quote of the Week:
    "We don't drift ourselves in good directions. We discipline and prioritize ourselves there" - Andy Stanley
    Leadership Corner:
    Leadership starts with leading oneself. It's fundamental to living life well both for God and for those around us. At Gateway Victory we want to lead well and inspire / support great leadership. So here's a corner of my blog devoted to sharing a few of my thoughts and best resources on leadership as I come across them. Enjoy!
    • 8 Ways to Get Unstuck: This is a great little list with some effective ideas. Thanks Brad!
    • A leadership thought from me: "Live out your values every day. Woah, back up, actually have a mini-list of your values. ...You know, a list that describes the way you want to be, the ideas you want to espouse through your actions and interactions. Then, when you have this list, review often and ensure you live them every day. Bring it work. Bring it home. Ask people how you're doing. Find the gaps and fill them in with spirit and action that is supported by what you believe and how / who you want to be."
    • 4 Steps to Regaining Perspective:  All leaders have to deal with how they think about things. This will help. Great article, love the way Jenni Catron writes about church / leadership / life

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    Let's have a great week y'all!
    403.816.1684 - ph/txt anytime :-)

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