THE Litmus Test

    The fact of the matter is that there is a very easy way to tell if you're on track in your faith. PEACE and JOY are the litmus test of Christian living. That is, if we're following God these are designed to show up and increase in our lives. Let His Spirit take a bit of the weight off of your shoulders with this truth!  Here's how:

    The root reason we carry anxiety and burdens not ours to carry is we feel like we don't measure up in some regard and therefore that God is not with us, or not that close, or not helping us. 

    But the truth of the matter is: God is WITH us (all the time!), and His favor (not His frown!) is ours to bask in. 

    Folks, this is the MAIN message of Christianity - "There is therefore now NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus..." Romans 8:1. Let that sink in for a while. Realize that God never uses guilt, shame, a feeling of not measuring up, or other feelings arising from condemnation. 

    Condemnation brings concern and fear into our lives that result in stress and misery. Instead knowing God is pleased with us because of what Jesus has done results in overflowing Peace and Joy.

    Let the work of your Christianity, the fight of your faith, this week be to dive into this truth as deep as it goes and find Jesus there!


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    On Thursday, October 15, 2015, said:

    Hi Doug - thanks for your comments! And, btw, thanks for all your work and leadership over at I have so appreciated the consistency of the passion for influencing our nation for righteousness! I have my whole church pointed to your site in this season. Thank you! Hope to touch base again soon! Rowan



    On Wednesday, October 14, 2015, said:

    Hello Pastor, Thank you for the excellent counsel in your blog post today. It was a blessing to receive it. Warmest regards, your Friend,




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