You can rely on self-help, the best of leadership principles and the keys to success espoused by many a peddler of wisdom. You can chance it, fake it, or mistake your way along. You can even copy, cheat or use people on your way to the top. Or...

    The Bible says that "God in you" is your hope of glory. Say what?! Glory means "everything that's good". It's His Goodness to you displayed. That means God living in you is the hope of everything good happening in your life. That includes all you desire and dream of and even things greater than you've ever imagined.

    So regularly put all else aside and go back to focus on that. On the fact that He's actually in you. That He's all that matters and has all that you need. That He holds the exact keys you need in this season you're in for you coming out on top.

    If you live today and each day with this first and foremost on your mind, if you'll fall in love over and over, deeper and deeper with the fact that He's actually in you, then at the end of a long life, you'll look back and be satisfied.

    It's His guarantee.

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